Go paperless with RMC scanning technology!

Convert hardcopy documents from paper into secure digital files at the touch of a button. Now you can share, edit and store documents with version and access control with RMC scanning and document management solutions.
You will eliminate your dependency on paper, save time and simplify your storage, search and retrieval process with the right scanning solution for your business. No matter what your scanning needs entail, you can count on RMC to provide you with the right hardware, software and service coverage to make you more productive and reduce unnecessary expense.

Contact your Ray Morgan Trusted Advisor to learn more about our award winning line up of Canon and HP scanners as a point solution or as your gateway to a turnkey document storage solution!

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You’ve got locks on the doors and a security system to protect your business from the outside, but are you leaving the doors wide open for employees to access confidential information from hardcopy documents on the inside?

“An employee is 15 times more likely than a non-employee
to steal from an employer.”

Panasonic Scanner Recycling Program